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Packer Oci Machine Image

OCI builder for Packer Packer는 hashcorp에서 만든 오픈소스로 Machine Image생성 툴이다. AMI, Azure, GCP뿐만 아니라, Oracle Cloud Infrastructure또한 지원을 한다. 물론 기본 이미지를 Provisioning하고 Ansible이나 기타 Tool을 통해서 Configuration이 가능하지만, Packer를 사용하면 미리 이미지를 만들어서 배포 후 바로 실행 할 수 있다. 사전에 알아야 할 사항 packer를 설치한다 Linux의 경우 손쉽게 Repository에서 다운로드해서 설치가능하다 yaourt -S packer-io or Download from packer site (https://www.packer.io/downloads.html) OCI builder for packer

Digital Experience Workshop at Seoul (Nov 14, 2016)

Digital Experience Top 3 features Secutiry Social Mobile Use Cases Coordinating with Business Partners Sales Collaboration Support of Mobile Field Workers Digital Workplace Collaboration Connections Real-time conversations and social collaboration Social Graph based discovery of content and conversations Content centric activity stream “buddy” Context Integrated within business workflows Embedded within applications Unified on-premises and cloud content management Multiple content centric mobile experience Control Choice of user & content Context is everything Business Apps integratation Sales Cloud, Eloqua, Service Cloud, SRM On-Premises : Siebel, EBS PAAS Integrations Proces CS, Sites CS Hybrid ECM RICH Platform Architected to be Platform

Network Cloud Service

OSI - Network Layer Application Prsentation Session Transport Network Data Link Physical VLANs tag, trunk IP Routing Bandwidth

Bare Meta Cloud Services are now available

Bare Metal Cloud Services 지원 서비스 Integrated network block storage object storage identity and access management VPN Connectivity Software-defined Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) secure, elastic, extension of on-premises network Market leading price-perfomance Best in class - predictable, consistent performance NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD for fastest IOPs and low latency Massive Enterprise Scale