Bare Meta Cloud Services are now available

Posted by Just Do It ! - Yolo on Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Bare Metal Cloud Services

지원 서비스

  • Integrated network block storage

  • object storage

  • identity and access management

  • VPN Connectivity

  • Software-defined Virtual Cloud Network (VCN)

    • secure, elastic, extension of on-premises network
  • Market leading price-perfomance

    • Best in class - predictable, consistent performance
    • NVMe (Non-Volatile Memory Express) SSD for fastest IOPs and low latency
  • Massive Enterprise Scale

    • Access 100s of cores of decicated compute in a fast provisioned cloud model
    • Elasticity, scale, flexibility & choice of development
  • Secuity Hardening

    • Deliver clean hosts with customer root access
    • Overlay network with no sigle point of failure
  • Governance and Visibility

    • Comprehensive software defiened managedment (network, users, quotas, provisioning, performance

가능 Region

  • Phoenix (3개의 Availablity Domains : ADs - one milisecond between ADs)
  • Arizona

Oracle offers

  • Our flat, non-blocking network enables customers to utilize maximum network bandwidth with mere microseconds of latency between nodes
  • Denser servers and NVMe storage enable as much as four million IOPs per bare metal instance
  • A host of features, including fully isolated bare metal instances, a high-security network, and complete virtual and physical network decoupling, enable uncompromised security
  • Customizable resource compartmentalization and highly flexible access control provide strong governance
  • Complete flexibility and workload portability: run your OS, your hypervisor, or your entire stack

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